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When I see these people hurling brutal insults at Shailene Woodley, or female film critics who don’t like “The Avengers,” I wonder whether readers of “Amazing Spider-Man” comics these days identify with Flash Thompson instead of Peter Parker. Because that’s who they act like: mean, vindictive bullies. They might say in their defense that they don’t mean it, or they’re only joking. So what?

…That anonymous user at Superhero Hype was right when he used the phrase “a slap in the face to Stan Lee’s vision” — only the slap in the face here isn’t Woodley, it’s these jokers who think it’s okay to spend their days abusing people in the name of “Spider-Man” fans. Well I’m a Spider-Man fan, and they don’t speak for me. I think Shailene Woodley could make a great Mary Jane. I look forward to seeing what she brings to the role. And I hope at some point the guys leaving these comments break out their copies of “Amazing Fantasy” #15 and reread those all-important nine words. They seem to have forgotten them.

Matt Singer, The Embarrassing Spider-Fans (via fuckyeahspiderwife)
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