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Could you live on $8 or $9 dollars an hour? A computer game made by the Urban Ministries of Durham in North Carolina and an advertising firm called McKinney lets you play out life with a low-wage job as a single mom. The objective is to make it a month, juggling getting a job, rent, a place to live, food and coping with the costs of repairs, things for your child, insurance, etc.. Actually a very hard game to play and full of reminders of the difficulties of life on that kind of salary.

Play the game.

Not adding this to show off but to show you that as someone who is from a family with struggles such as depicted in the “game”; if you are the child of a parent/parents who are trying to survive you watch your parents and learn from their habits. So if mom doesn’t go to your soccer game it’s because she is working an extra hour so she can get you food after your game. So many of the scenarios here are accurate for me and my life. I’m posting this to show you that because of my parents I know how to do this. It’s sad that I do know how but at the same time I think my parents are glad that I know because if I ever get into the same situation later in life when I am on my own I’ll know how to handle it. If this doesn’t show you what is fucked up in America right now then I don’t know what is.





Pantene Philippines #whipit Labels against women

This is so relevant it’s not even funny.

That vanity issue. Telling they’re worthless if they don’t look dolled up, but are shallow if they doll themselves up.

They’ve done studies that prove this is absolutely true (not that any of you doubted it). Sheryl Sandberg wrote about it a lot in Lean In, in the context of how bosses and job applicants are perceived. It’s known as the Heidi/Howard experiment. A man and a woman with equal accomplishments are viewed completely differently. Women are viewed as either nice or competent - not both. 

interesting ad :o

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This past year, the very old word because exploded with new grammatical possibilities in informal online use. No longer does because have to be followed by of or a full clause. Now one often sees tersely worded rationales like ‘because science’ or ‘because reasons.’ You might not go to a party ‘because tired.’ As one supporter put it, because should be Word of the Year ‘because useful!’

Ben Zimmer, chair of the New Words Committee of the American Dialect Society, “Because” is the 2013 Word of the Year.

Read through for Most Useful (eg, “slash”), Most Unnecessary (eg, “sharknado”), Most Outrageous (eg, “underbutt”) and more.

See also The Atlantic, English Has a New Preposition, Because Internet.

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The year is 2003. It is a kinder time, a simpler time.

Every single one of your classmates knows how to draw Trogdor the Burninator - first, you draw an S, then you draw a more different S.

"Everybody to the Limit" is a staple at middle school dances.

Your best friend’s little brother owns a plush The Cheat, and you can kick it, and it makes noise.

The year is 2003, the golden age of Homestar Runner.

Basically, every online content creator, every webcomic artist, every YouTube entertainer, owes Homestar Runner a shitload.

Once upon a time, Homestar Runner was the definitive Flash site, an online destination for kids and immature grown-ups alike, fielding millions of hits and thousands of e-mails a day.

Homestar Runner, the earnest athlete with a pure heart and a love for mankind, and his arch-nemesis, Strong Bad, a wrestler with a penchant for issuing snarky responses to fanmail, defined a generation through weird, surrealist Flash cartoons tinged with outdated pop cultural references.

Ten years later, there’s a new generation of Internetters who have never experienced the pure, unadulterated joy of H-Star-R, and that breaks my heart. 

So, here, I’ve compiled this beginner’s guide to Homestar Runner. Every cartoon on this list is shorter than five minutes. Get into it. Do yourself a favour.


  1. dragon
  2. techno
  3. comic
  4. japanese cartoon
  5. caper
  6. stunt double
  7. kids’ book
  8. caffeine
  9. army
  10. different town
  11. crying
  12. for kids
  13. montage
  14. bedtime story
  15. hygiene


Episodes #1-15 are available here. Watch them all.


  1. An Important Rap Song
  2. Where My Hat Is At?
  3. Best Caper Ever
  4. Play Date
  5. The Homestar Runner Gets Something Stuck In His Craw
  6. One Two, One Two
  7. Fluffy Puff Commercial


  1. A Jorb Well Done
  2. Cool Things
  3. Date Nite
  4. DNA Evidence
  5. A Folky Tale


Just the claps.

Good jorb!

Matt Chapman, the brother who did most of the voices, went to FSU. At one point I went over there for a party and met him and got him to record the outgoing message on my voicemail. I felt like a god.

Ima go pour out a 40 of melonade in memory of the H star R.

Educate yourselves!



He’s had enough your bullshit.  

You want perfection?  It doesn’t exist.   

“Finally, as far as the criticism of the destruction, I like the fact that this film has caused it.  Because that means that audiences are inherently finding this film to be a more serious production than Marvel films.  …If you have a movie, where buildings are falling all over the place, aliens are coming out of a black hole to destroy New York city, and the Hulk is smashing through buildings that are shown to be populated with people – and you give it a pass… Yet you look at this film and criticize it for it- That’s because, whether you know it or not, the film got you.  You felt this film was real.  And the people in the buildings, the destruction you were seeing resonated with you in a way The Avengers didn’t.  There’s nothing wrong with The Avengers, it’s a good movie.  But if you are bothered by what you see in Man of Steel, yet you enjoy what you see in The Avengers,  that’s because the movie is working on a different level.  And I think that that is one of the strengths of the film.”   -Justin Bolger, Modern Myth Media

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